In Munich, we love to enjoy Bavarian specialities!

Therefore, not only local guests but also and particularly visitors from abroad will be delighted to enjoy Bavarian Finger Food. If you opt for this Finger Food Buffet inspired by Savory local cuisine, the here listed creations are definitely a MUST. Finer interpretations of local titbits are, for example, our Puff Pastry Shells with Veal Sausage Filling, but also the tiny Buttered Pretzels handmade by our Master Confectioner from Munich are a real gourmet experience. Just download the PDF-document with the whole list in order to start choosing your favourites. Bavarian Finger Food together with other types of Finger Food belongs to our selection of Savory Finger Food snacks. You can therefore find all of them together with our Fish Finger Food creations, the Finger Food with Meat, Vegetarian Finger Food and our well-liked Finger Food Soups on our subpage about "Savory Finger Food" where you can download the whole list as PDF file.
Finger Food Savory


Mini Pretzels with Cheese
Mini Pretzels (Natural Taste)
Little Buttered Pretzels
Radish Canapés
Red Radish Canapés
Obazda (spread of camembert, onion and spices) in little Shortcrust Tartelettes with Pickled Gherkins
Medallions of Roast Pork with Thin Slices of Dumplings (Knödel) in a bowl
Nuremberger Rib Steak Sausages with Potatoe Mash and Strong Mustard in china bowls
Veal Sausage in mini bowls with Bavarian Sweet Mustard
Puff Pastry Shells with Veal Sausage Filling
 ...and many more!
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