You love the extraordinary?

Come and try our Finger Food Specialities! Our team at 4C Catering prepares extraordinary and creative Finger Food Specialities. Our aim is to always offer you an extraordinary selection of eye-catching, appetizing and delicious Finger Food. With much attention to detail, we elaborate our creations so that you can later serve them to your guests with proud. On this page, you can download an up-to-date list of the most-favoured Finger Food Specialities. Just print it out and take it to your business partners, spouse or friends to discuss in a relaxed atmosphere what type of Finger Food and which treats in particular you would like to have. If you decide to phone us, we will be happy to advise you for an optimal assortment of dishes or treats.
 Finger Food Overview 


These delicacies you can only get at 4C Catering!
TARTS & MINI QUICHES (warm or cold)
Come and test our little Tarts and Mini Quiches, we are especially proud of.

What about an Organic Black and White Mousse au Chocolat, Bavarian Cream prepared with true Madagascar Vanilla, our Cake à l’orange moelleux or our soft and creamy Chocolate Fairy Cakes with Liquid Centre,
to only name a few of our sweet bonne bouches ...

Surprise yourself and your guests with astonishing serving ideas!
Our entire fingerfood is nicely decorated, but what the hell are again warm Sheep-Cheese ravioli served in a “Ü-can”?
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