Delivery service for food and drinks in Munich and surrounds.

The big variety of options offered by 4C Catering ranges from the Classic Buffet over the festive Dîner à table up to finest Finger Food creations. Whatever you imagine for your special occasion – we will be able to fulfil your requirements. With 4C Catering, also competent service for your guests is at your disposition! If you wish to have the support of committed, friendly and competent service personnel for your catering, we will be happy to advise you and to provide you with the needed bartenders, waiters, cooks and other kind of service personnel.
Fresh ingredients, artful recipes and everything lovingly prepared
By working with fresh ingredients and artful recipes, we always do our best to offer you highest culinary quality. Our extra dose of love shall do its part to surprise and enchant you with our dishes.
The 4C quality promise:
100% bio-dynamical (Demeter) eggs from Bavaria
All animal products come from organically producing farms
Fresh production or preparation of all products in our Master kitchen
4C guarantees that no convenience products or flavour enhancers are ever used

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